Common questions and answers
  • What is Multi-Objective Decision Analysis?

    MODA is a sub-discipline of operations research and a framework that helps you to measure trade-offs among competing priorities (or value measures) and incorporate uncertainties and risk preferences when evaluating which alternative(s) yield the best value (Value-Of-Investment, VOI).

  • What is Value-Focused Thinking?

    VFT (Value-Focused Thinking: A Path to Creative Decisionmaking - Ralph L. Keeney) means decomposing decisions into the elements that describe how you value success and performance. VFT is the basis of the ValuNav decision process whereby you first articulate values, then consider the implications of alternative performance.

  • How does ValuNav facilitate Group Decision Making?

    ValuNav drives a repeatable decision process that makes it easier to elicit and receive stakeholder input on how alternatives perform against decision priorities and on the relative importance (or weighting) of the decision priorities. Further, ValuNav analyzes participant inputs to identify where they agree and disagree (sensitivities) to facilitate realizing consensus.

  • Do value measures have to be objectively measurable?

    No, ValuNav is designed to allow for relative evaluation of even subjective or proxy measures. However, objective/quantitative measures are easier to score and to communicate to others.


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