Strategic Priorities and Resource Allocation Analysis

Achieve 'Unity of Effort' thru a collaborative and transparent decision process.


ValuNav Applications

How can ValuNav benefit your organization's most critical decisions?

Strategic Priorities Governance

Develop and collaboratively weight strategic objectives and performance metrics using intuitive weighting methods.

Value-Focused Budget Allocation

Evaluate organizational cost center alignment to strategic priorities and arrive at a top-down departmental budget distribution.

Optimized Portfolio Prioritization

Measure investment alternative performance against strategic priorities to realize a value-maximized project and initiatives portfolio.

Procurement Source Selection

Perform collaborative and remote technical evaluation of procurement solicitation responses and securely store all relevant documents and participant input.

10x Return!

ValuNav's Portfolio Optimization and Negotiation Strategy analyses can help your organization SAVE 10x over your annual ValuNav subscription costs in just one use AND realize a 10x increase in the value of your resource decisions.

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Key ValuNav Features

Everything your organization needs to achieve unity and maximize value

Process-Driven Decisions

A proven, repeatable and transparent group decision process driven by automated user and participant workflows.

Intuitive Priority Weighting Methods

Multiple trusted, and academically grounded, plain language priority weighting methods.

Rich Alternative Value Analysis

Actionable and granular alternative value analysis with portfolio optimization engine driven selection recommendations.

Decision Influence Analysis

Know when you have consensus. More importantly, know what differences and sensitivities are preventing unity.

Automated Reporting

Fully automated decision summary, alternative and participant reports. Customized or branded report formats available.

Mutli-Level Performance Dashboards

Organizational and user dashboards highlighting utilization and the savings potential and value generation achieved.


How it works

Understanding the strengths of ValuNav

Decision Framework

Decision Framework

Build your natural decision performance map with automated tools, and save files for later reference as well. Define the key success drivers for your decisions.

Define Value Measures

Define Value Measures

Define alternative performance metrics using customizable, multi-dimension and utility-function driven tools. Value Measures are the foundation of ValuNav's analytic engine.

Define and Score Alternatives

Define and Score Alternatives

Enumerate and define all feasible alternatives under consideration. Then evaluate alternatives against each value measure by: 1) drag-and-drop; 2) manual data entry, or 3) upload from local data source such as excel.

Weight Decision Priorities

Weight Decision Priorities

Use intuitive and academically grounded tools to apply weights to your decision priorities. Trusted and proven drag-and-drop methods available include: 1) Rank Ordered, 2) Categorical Importance, and 3) Manual Sliders.

Invite Stakeholder Input

Invite Stakeholder Input

Elicit and receive stakeholder input on how alternatives perform against decision priorities and on the relative importance (or weighting) of the decision priorities.

Review ValuNav Analysis

Review ValuNav Analysis

Review actionable and concise ValuNav analysis results that highlight: 1) granular alternative value performance, 2) alternative selection and cost negotiation recommendations, and 3) portfolio investment (order-of-buy) analysis with Value-Of-Investment (VOI) examination.

How It Works

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

ValuNav is hosted and managed as a subscription service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  ValuNav is available to Government and Federal customers via the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud which has already received FedRAMP P-ATO.

ValuNav can also be installed, hosted and administered locally, behind a customer's own network firewall.


Microsoft Azure SQL Database

All customer and application layer data is stored and managed on Microsoft Azure SQL Databases with 100% Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) of working and backup services.

For local use customers, the ValuNav database schema can be installed and maintained on your servers.


Two-Factor Authentication

All accounts are secured under <90-day password update requirements with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS (Twilio) or email required upon every login.

All ValuNav email communications are transmitted via SendGrid for maximum security.


Our Subscription Options

Flexible Internal and External Use Subscriptions Available


Internal & External
  • Starting At
$ 5,000 per Year
  • 12 month minimum contract
  • Scale up based upon
  • Num Users
  • Num Respondents per Decision
  • Training & Consulting Hrs
  • One-Time Startup Fee May Apply
  • Discounts for scale and term

   Internal v. External Use Subscription

  • Internal Use subscriptions are for intra-organizational decisions only, and do NOT allow for sharing or input beyond the organization's domain.
  • External Use subscriptions allow for decision sharing, consulting and input participation beyond the organization's domain with experts, partners, customers, clients, etc.

   Users v. Respondents

  • Users are registered by name according to the terms of an organization's contract. Users build, manage and deliver ValuNav decision models on behalf of their organization and/or external clients.
  • Respondents are stakeholders or participants Users invite by email address to provide input on decision models, such as how alternatives perform against value measures and/or the relative priority/weighting of value measures within a decision.


Common questions and answers
  • What is Multi-Objective Decision Analysis?

    MODA is a sub-discipline of operations research and a framework that helps you to measure trade-offs among competing priorities (or value measures) and incorporate uncertainties and risk preferences when evaluating which alternative(s) yield the best value (Value-Of-Investment, VOI).

  • What is Value-Focused Thinking?

    VFT (Value-Focused Thinking: A Path to Creative Decisionmaking - Ralph L. Keeney) means decomposing decisions into the elements that describe how you value success and performance. VFT is the basis of the ValuNav decision process whereby you first articulate values, then consider the implications of alternative performance.

  • How does ValuNav facilitate Group Decision Making?

    ValuNav drives a repeatable decision process that makes it easier to elicit and receive stakeholder input on how alternatives perform against decision priorities and on the relative importance (or weighting) of the decision priorities. Further, ValuNav analyzes participant inputs to identify where they agree and disagree (sensitivities) to facilitate realizing consensus.

  • Do value measures have to be objectively measurable?

    No, ValuNav is designed to allow for relative evaluation of even subjective or proxy measures. However, objective/quantitative measures are easier to score and to communicate to others.


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Check out these awesome features and value drivers

Granular Alternative Value Analysis

Concise visualization of each alternative's value performance according to each Value Measure or Decision Criteria.

Alternative Selection Recommendations

Resource allocation recommendations according to cumulative value-per-dollar as well as indifference cost targets.

Value Of Investment (VOI) Portfolio Analysis

Optimized order-of-investment analysis with clear value generation and budget alignment visualizations.

What-if Analysis Tools

Relevant and automated decision analysis tools for considering alternative dependencies, respondent input weighting, value measure weighting, etc.

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